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Female Employees Forced To Attend Modi's Yoga Event: Activist

Administration Denies



Srinagar: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Kashmir to observe Yoga Day, a prominent social activist from Kashmir, Raja Muzaffar, accused the administration of forcibly requiring government employees, particularly women, to attend the event. However, the administration has denied these allegations.

In a post on X, Bhat said: "Female government employees were directed to reach SP College at 4 a.m. yesterday. They were asked to change their clothes."

The Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) responded in a post, stating that the employees were provided with long tunics to wear over their clothes to which Muzaffar contended that wearing tunics over their dresses was a decision made by the staff when they felt uncomfortable.

Muzaffar also alleged that students from Amar Singh College were forced to participate in a youth interaction event. “Those who don’t attend will face severe consequences, read an internally circulated WhatsApp message,” according to Muzaffar.

He further stated that no consent was taken from employees and challenged the administration to produce a consent list.

In a detailed rebuttal, DIPR stated: “The Director of Colleges, J&K, has refuted this misinformation, clarifying that all participants in the Yoga Day celebrations volunteered to participate, and no employee was compelled to join the event against their will. Employees were not required to change their clothing. They were provided with long tunics to wear over their existing attire, ensuring their comfort and convenience. The employees' well-being was prioritized, and pregnant employees and those with medical conditions were not asked to participate in the Yoga Day celebrations.”

Bhat also raised concerns about the event pass, pointing out that it was issued for the attendee only. He questioned, 'Who will arrange transportation for female employees who do not drive?'

This is not the first time allegations of government employees' mandatory attendance at such events have been made in Kashmir.