23-Apr-2024  Srinagar booked.net


KPDCL Warns Retailers Against Selling Nichrome Coil Based Heaters



Srinagar: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) on Wednesday issued a warning to electrical shops against selling or possessing Nichrome Coil-based crude appliances, directing sub-divisional officers to enforce the government order by circulating a copy among business outlets dealing in electrical equipment or items.

According to an order, KPDCL said that despite a complete ban on the manufacture, import, transport, sale, purchase and use of Nichrome coil-based crude heaters, boilers and steamers, ‘manufacturers’ do not conform to the required specifications of BIS or the International Electro-Technical Commission.

“In consonance to the above orders, all Electric Divisions have done a remarkable job in seizing these crude heating appliances from a vast majority of the consumers,” KPDCL said.

The order further states that it has been observed that after seizure, the consumers buy fresh nichrome coil-based crude gadgets from the market where these are easily available and revert to abuse of electricity, thereby nullifying tireless efforts put in.

In order to permanently remove the availability of Nichrome Coil based heaters, boilers and steamers from the markets, all sub-divisional officers of KPDCL are hereby directed to implement the aforesaid Government order by circulating a copy of the same amongst the business outlets dealing in electrical equipment/items. They shall be advised not to procure and sell any Nichrome Coil based heating gadgets, failing which the same shall be seized, it reads further.