23-Apr-2024  Srinagar booked.net


Israel Kills Three More Hezbollah Members In Southern Lebanon



Three more members of Hezbollah were killed by Israeli military on Friday, according to media reports.

In a statement, the Hezbollah identified one fighter as Muhammad Hassan Tarraf and two medics as Hussein Muhammad Khalil and Muhammad Yaqoub Ismail.

The statement said that three members were killed by Israel while targeting the Civil Defence Centre in Bleyda, southern Lebanon.

The death toll of Hezbollah fighters killed by Israeli forces has risen to 211 since 8 October, according to previous statements by the group.

Earlier today, the Israeli military targeted the town of Al-Wazzani with heavy machine guns and artillery shells, injuring a Lebanese military personnel and damaging homes and livestock farms, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Additionally, the military shelled the outskirts of the town of Yaroun, and a drone strike targeted the town of Bleyda.