14-Jul-2024  Srinagar booked.net


Egyptian Authorities Arrest 18 Over Palestinian Solidarity Protest



Egyptian authorities have arrested more than 18 people mostly women in Egypt’s capital Cairo for protesting in solidarity with Palestinians amid Israel’s war on Gaza.

According to reports, a protest demonstration was held in solidarity with Palestinians outside the regional office of the UN Women agency in Cairo’s Maadi district on Tuesday with authorities arresting more than 18 people.

The protestors were calling for the protection of women in Gaza.

 However, there was no comment from the government.

Even though Egypt's government has spoken out against Israel's war on Gaza, it has mostly prohibited public protests.

Egypt signed a peace accord with Israel in 1979.

At least 34,262 Palestinian people mostly women and children have been killed and  77,229 injured by Israel and  77,229 since October 7.